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25 September 2018

SteelPhalt is continuing to develop new markets with the delivery of two new additions to its fleet of vehicles.
The two 10 tonne capacity four-wheel vehicles mark the launch of a new initiative for the company as they allow the SteelPhalt's award-winning materials to be delivered to smaller sites and in smaller quantities.
They join the company's very busy fleet of four four-wheel vehicles, seven six-wheelers and 20 eight-wheelers and were acquired in association with SteelPhalt's regular haulier A&F Haulage.

Lee Birkbeck commercial manager at SteelPhalt comments, "We realised that there was a gap in the market for a smaller vehicle that would be able to access tighter spaces and deliver much smaller quantities of our road surface products". 
"Many companies only offer eight-wheel 20 tonne delivery but we have identified a real need for smaller loads in a range of areas covering everything from driveways to sports and recreation areas, many of which simply do not have the access for the sort of vehicles we use on our major road projects."

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