Quality Compliant Road Making Products

Compliance with Quality Standards

SteelPhalt operates a rigorous Quality Assurance system complying with BS EN 13108:21 Factory Production Control, Sector 14. This is achieved by continuous inspection, sampling and testing, right along the supply chain.

How we achieve...

  1. During steel production, slag is tapped and segregated into usable asphalt slag
  2. After cooling, material is stockpiled for partial weathering
  3. Laboratory analysis for slag quality and suitability
  4. Metal is removed and slag is crushed and sized into the correct aggregate grades
  5. Slag aggregate is used in the manufacture of asphalt
  6. The final product is checked for quality.

We are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do to ensure that the product we deliver exceeds expectations.

National Highway Sector Scheme - Lloyds Register ISO9001 - UKAS
Quality Control
UKCA Certificates
UKCA Certificates

We are strict when it comes to meeting standards. For your convenience, we have an online tool allowing you to search for the UKCA Certificate specific to your product. Simply enter your reference number...

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Research and Development
Research and Development

A significant investment in onsite R&D laboratory facilities enables SteelPhalt to develop, test and refine a product range which will deliver top class performance year after year.

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Declaration of Performance
Declaration of Performance

We can supply Declaration of Performance sheets with all variations of our products. To find one specific to your order, simply enter your reference to find the document you need...

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