Gripping budget & outstanding safety performance

UltraGrip - Less is MORE!

As budgets come under increasing pressure UltraGrip® is receiving a warm welcome from councils and local authorities striving to meet the challenge of maintaining safe and serviceable roads within the constraints of tighter budgets.

Goes the extra mile...

With all the usual qualities of durability, strength and skid-resistance associated with UltraGrip® products made from steel slag aggregate UltraGrip® also uses modified bitumen which gives the material greater flexibility and elasticity. UltraGrip® is, quite simply, miles more economical than standard materials of 30mm or 40mm. It only needs to be laid at a depth of 25mm, resulting in faster installation times, reduced labour and greater surfacing areas for the same volume of product.

UltraGrip - Only needs to be laid 25mm thick
UltraGrip® Properties
  • Lay at only 25mm depth
  • Faster installation times
  • Easy to work with
  • Greater flexibility and elasticity
Proven Performance

Like many other products within the SteelPhalt ‘stable’, UltraGrip constitutes a very high percentage of recycled materials, 95% in this case – giving it added appeal to specifiers who wish to meet green criteria.

Contractor Approval

SteelPhalt personnel will give all necessary training and support. Training of a site supervisor will be sufficient to gain approval and SteelPhalt will keep a record of trained staff.

UltraGrip - miles more economical!

Lay at only 25mm thick for long lasting performance.

Performance Statistics

In a recent Case Study, our client was looking to use a traditional 10mm dense surface course laid at a depth of 40mm. It was suggested that they should use UltraGrip as an alternative solution to be laid at 25mm thick.

By using the UltraGrip material 6.5% less asphalt would be required to surface the job, saving 4.3% on material costs for the surface course.

As this is a major part of Rotherham’s road network it was important that disruption was kept to a minimum. By using the UltraGrip system the surface was planed off and reinstalled on the same day cutting down further on preparation works as iron works did not have to be lifted.

Ultragrip Performance Stats
Product Usage

Supplied in dry form, UltraGrip is easy to transport and very quick and simple to lay, significantly reducing downtime for any works.

Typical applications include: Dual Carriageways, Single Carriageways and approaches to Major & Minor Junctions.

Note: PSV values highlighted in yellow (below) is what our UltraGrip material can be applied to.

UltraGrip Product Usage Table
Green Credentials...

With a reputation for first class products matched by a commitment to innovation and sustainability, SteelPhalt works in partnership with councils, local authorities and contractors nationwide to deliver durable roads for a sustainable world.

Goes the extra mile
UltraGrip Laboratory Tests

Laboratory trials at the University of Ulster have shown that UltraGrip satisfies the minimum Skid Resistance Value (SRV) of 70 under test conditions.

Specimens have been subjected to a total of 100,000 wheel passes as required by the BBA, equivalent to traffic wear during 5 to 10 year’s in-service life. In each case, UltraGrip met the requirements for Type 1, 2 and 3 applications, proving its credentials as a durable and effective product.

SteelPhalt Grip Tester Vehicle