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SteelPhalt products utilise steel slag, which is a co-product of the steelmaking process. The processed material possesses many advantages over natural aggregates when used in making asphalt surface course and has the added benefit of being a recycled product.

Using High Performance Materials

Products utilising steel slag are the first choice for a number of applications owing to the technical properties and the minimisation of lifetime road maintenance and replacement costs. In addition to performance benefits there are significant environmental advantages in using aggregates made from steel slag.

SteelPhalt Road Making Products
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Technically Advanced
Skid Resistant
High Skid Resistance

Steel slag aggregates regenerate their surface texture with use and therefore maintain a high level of skid resistance throughout their life.

Durable Roads
Better Durability

Steel slag aggregate is a durable material which retains its strength even after years of road use. Strong affinity to bitumen limits water damage and stripping of binder, increasing road life.

Rut Resistance
Superior Resistance to Rutting

The natural shape and interlocking properties of steel slag aggregates improves resistance to permanent deformation.